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Think of heading north but Chiang Mai is too crowded. We highly recommend Nan, a charming little town in northern Thailand

We empathize with you guys for that and have provided a travel plan for you. Maybe you have heard about ‘Nan’ another attractive place for an eco-lover. Turn from the concrete town and step your feet on the green glass to see the mountain view that was nowhere to be found in your workplace!

This trip was 6 days on the first day we had slept on the train then travel from the station at Prae and spent the night at the tent on the mountains top along the way until we reached Nan.

Our destination was from Phu Wae > Pua > Pha Shuu and we would catch the flight back to Bangkok.

1. Phu Kha

When we arrived at Den Shai Station we had to travel to Phu Kha. Along the curvy road with the big trees on the side until we reach the top of the mountain made us little dizzy. We have reached the top at 5 pm with the chilly breeze on our skins.

1,715 meters from the ground to see the stars in the night and the sunrise in the morning. The views that were private and the sky was closest to us. We have got good energy from the sun to start our trip on the next day.

2. Phu Ware

The next destination is Phu Ware but there was nothing like climb up to Phu Kha because it was tougher we had spent more than 4 hrs. to get to the top! You have to check the weather to plan the time for mountain climbing. We suggest you come in the morning so you could get to the top before noon.

You have to hire the nation park officer with you for the guild and also hire the person to help you get your stuff to the top. Instant foods, tent and your personal stuff like we all known better prepare better experience but if you haven’t prepared the stuff for spent the night you can rent from the national park office.

Along with the high with the corn trees around us until we reach the top. Lately, the national park officer had cut out the trees that were the obstacle for us climber for easier way to get to the top.

When we at the mountain top and settled the tents and our stuff for spent the night we had met some of the cows and the golden corn trees around us with the chilly breeze touched the skins.The perfect place to ease your mind among the natural. Do not miss to get the picture of the view that was worth your sweat!

3. Bhor Kluea

After the tough day, we decided to chill at the sea salt pond. This salt pond was ‘Sinthao’ the famous sea salt of Thailand. Around this pond has many types of hotels for you to stay over and rest with the lingering scent of the sea.

4. Baan NamPua Mushroom Farm

This farm has got the photogenic award from us! In every corner of the farm and also the weather is perfect for chilling and strolling around. The wood house restaurant that had decorated in European style match with the green hill around and the mountain at the back.

Down the building is another tourist attraction ‘Wang Sila Dang’ and a little dam at the front of the beautiful building.

5. Pha Shuu

Our next resting area on the mountain top. You may have heard about ‘Doi Samher Dao’ the famous tourist attraction place. Actually these 2 mountains locate in the same Nation Park but Pha Shuu is calmer and has a less tourist so we decide to stay the night at Pha Shuu.

If you want to ask us for comparing the difference between them. It is up to your proposal. If you would like to have a romantic night with the 360° sky view of star scenery, you may go to Doi Samher Dao but if you want to feel the chilly breeze of the foggy sea around you in the early morning in the calming place that has a less crowded, choose Pha Shuu. As for us, Pha Shuu is the right place to stay. Choose the right place for your best experience.

6. Sao Din Na Noi

When we climbed down from Pha Shuu we had pass Sao Din Na Noi. This big pole has made from natural erosion and has a natural value that we have to save.

This area has a Dik Kiem tree like a tickling tree. Try to tickle them, you would notice the branch moving like they were tickled!

7. Sud Rhid Art Gallery

We had arrived at Nan! The first thing we do was to stop by the hip(est) art gallery and café in the town. Easy to travel for chilling and sipping the good coffee. There were many kinds of coffee beans for you to try them out and has good art shown around good for resting and chilling with your friends after a long trip.

8. City of Nan

From the long mountain and natural trip, we had arrived at the city of Nan. Like our grandmother and grandfather told us if we had a visit to anyone’s home we had to pay the respect or say hello to the owner, and for us is to pay respect to the town’s holy place. Wat Phu Minh was the place. The folk said ‘if you walk through under the snake belly, you may find your true love’ and this place has the famous art piece called ‘Pu Mhan Yah Mhan’ the picture has the persons whisper to each other and made to folks called ‘whisper love to Nan’.

End the trip the most memorial picture of the sunset at Nan. Sometimes you don’t have to think too much about planning or doing everything that you have planned. Many accidents may happen through the trip and they became a new experience or a good story for you to tell your friends.

We hope you to like our plan at Nan. The outbound city that you may fall in love!

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