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Let the beauty of the flowers lead you to heaven, and let their cheerful color blooming heal you

When you think about the flower garden or flower bed that would make you feel at ease in the beautiful garden, we would like to show you the four beautiful flower gardens from each side of Thailand.

1. The Chrysanthemum Flower Garden in Chiang Mai.

Chrysanthemum Flower, Om Long, Samoeng, Chiang Mai.

Have you tasted the sweetness and freshness of the chrysanthemum juice? If you do, have you ever know what they are made from? It was a chrysanthemum flower. How is it, when you were standing in the sweet and freshness of chrysanthemum flower garden?

The white garden will be bloomed on a rainy season from September to the middle of November. The peaked is in the middle of November; you would see the blooming white flower garden with the hazy foggy that would occur in the morning at the start of the winter.

2. The beautiful golden lotus garden in Mae Hong Sorn.

Toong Dok Bua Thong, Khun Yuam, Mae Hong Sorn.

The blooming of a golden lotus could tell you that the winter is coming in Mae Hong Sorn. You could see the panorama view of the 1,000 rai golden lotus garden from the top of Doi Mae Ou Kho. The curvy road would be made you feel a bit dizzy, but if you see the beautiful view from the top of the mountain, you would be impressed!

3. The red sea of flowers in Udonthani.

Bua Dang sea, Baan Diem pier, Kumpawapee, Udonthani.

Head to the northeast to see the dawn in Kumpawapee. You could see the blooming of red lotus flower in the big pond and the circle of life while looking at the heron and egret, two kinds of birdie hunting a fish for breakfast. The local people who live around have been save and maintain a good environment. This is why you could see such a beauty of the pink-red lotus flower blooming on the big pond.

The blooming season occurs in October and the peak from December to March. You could see the people gather around the big pond in December to pick up seaweed for open up a way of the blooming red lotus.

4. Mah Doo Bua (Come to see the lotus) in Phuket.

Mah Doo Bua, 310/51, Baandon-Shengtalay rd., Thalang, Phuket.

‘Mah Doo Bua’ or come to see a lotus in the south of Thailand. The fantastic giant lotus in Phuket’s tourist attraction at ‘At Panta café’ in the wood house hotel. When you step into this café, you could see the big pond in the middle, and on the surface, there is a giant lotus leaf. How big was it? The width is bigger than human size and could handle the human weight of 80 kilograms!

Taking a chic photo of you standing on the lotus leaf in the stylish café in town and taste a traditional Thai dished that you would beg for another! These dishes were made from a Victoria lotus stick, the same lotus you see in the café such as a lotus stick with mackerel in coconut soup, a shrimp with a lotus stick sauces, and move to a dessert with a pannacotta, sugar-coated lotus stick, and everyone’s favorite, Bualoi.

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