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How many times you had been in Huahin? I thought it was countless time but it was just Huahin and night market, right?

Truly, Huahin was the beautiful beach that became the tourist attraction for a long time but this time we were not STOP at Huahin. We will be looking for something new, something more interesting than you would be surprised that ‘Why would I never be in these places?

Get your gang and drive with us to the places that you would never been before!

1. Sam Roi Yod National Park

The landscape of Thailand that you can take a scenery photo of the beautiful park while walking around to breathing up the natural fresh air.

You could see the lotus pond which is the highlight of this place and also is the center of the natural life circle around but you might not see the lotus flower when you were there, just like us due to time and wealthier.

Anyway, We could still chill on the wooden bridge which was perfect for the green scenery behind especially, in the golden hour.

For more information.

Sam Roi Yod National Park
Open 06.00 am – 06.00 pm.
Entrance fee: 40 Baht for a person and car park fee 30 Baht.

2. Phraya Nakorn Cave

Up from Sam Roi Yod nation park, there is the secret cave. The big cave was hidden inside the mountain waiting for the adventure who is looking for something to win over. Not just the beautiful scenery of the big cave but this is once a lifetime challenge for you!

First, climbing Kao Thien with the height of one kilometer then walking to the cave around four hundred meters. Too much work?  You can save one-kilometer stamina by using the boat service to reach the walking point.

Pay your sweat and get the beauty of the royal altar inside. This royal altar or royal seat was built in the era of King Rama 5. On June 20 in 1890  when he was visited here.

The challenge for win over the best scenery of the cave on the mountain top is waiting.

For more information.

Phraya Nakorn Cave
Open 06.30 am – 06.00 pm.
Entrance fee 40 Baht and boat service fee is 400 Baht per round.

3. Pranburi Forest Park

It was hard to find something green in the concrete forest in the big city. We would like to take you to the big forest in Pranburi.

The forest has much more than just one kind of forest park from the reserved forest, the coastal forest with the river in the middle, and the highlight view of Prankeeree beach with the scenery of a pine forest.

Kickstart from the coastal forest with the wooden bridge of 1,000 meters longs for you to walk through the forest and see the coastal life wandering around you.

Deep in the forest, you would see the golden hill landscape. You would not believe that this place is near Huahin beach.

Tired from the walking yet? This forest park has a boat touring service around Pranburi river or else you want to get all the activities here how about spending the night? This park also has a hostel service or a tent parking lot for you to have a tent party with your friend.

One-stop with all tourist attractions from the forest, river, sand beach, and the activities that you could join with your pals!

For more information.

Pranburi Forest Park
Open everyday at 08.00 am – 04.00 pm.
No entrance fee but for some activities.

4. Kalok Mountain

Change the vibe for more adventurous with the height of Kalok Mountain.

This big mountain is located in Tao Kosa forest park but this forest park is different than another forest park around with the mountain to climb and the cave to discover.

Kao Kalok was meant to a skull mountain because if you were looking from the beach you would see the gaps of the mountain that looked like an eye.

The small mountain with the big adventure awaits! You could go inside the little cave by the beach or hiking up to the dangerous mountain. Sharpen up your hiking and trekking skills here.

Behind the dangerous adventures is the beautiful natural scenery. From the views of the beach – coastal bay – sea and the cactus farm! Do not worry about the entrance fee because it was free and save your money for the adventurous activities!

5. Mrigadayavan Palace

The old, classy palace that you have to pass when you went to Huahin but have you been there?

This palace was built in Rama 6 reign for his summer vacation. This palace facility and decoration were in the concept of Thai-European mixing style and also were built with the golden teaks.

The palace of hope and love would be made you fall in love with the beautiful white sand beach and the green park around the palace. The perfect place for you to go back to the good old times of Thailand when the influence of European culture was ‘pop’ in  Thailand.

For more information.

Mrigadayavan Palace
Open thursday – tuesday from 8.30 am – 4.00 pm.
Entrance fee : Adult 30 baht , Children 15 baht.

Here are our destinations in Prajuab Khiri Khan. If you get tired of Hua Hin how about the destination on the list? We tend to find beautiful places around for you. Hope you enjoy them!

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