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Top 6 Khao Soi and Nam Ngeaw restaurants of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai, Thailand

When it comes to northern foods, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai have tons of good restaurants for you but where are the famous ones? 

Here are our recommended top 6 northern food restaurants in Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai that we neatly selected for your best experience.

First, let us serve the lists of top 3 Nam Ngeaw restaurants.

(Nam Ngeaw is pork or chicken cooked with tradition northern curry soup style.)

1. San Pa Koi Kanom Jeen Nam Ngeaw restaurant

This restaurant is in the Thong Kam market. When you walk in the market you can see this restaurant on your left. There are many kinds of Kanom Jeen noodles and curry soups for you to try but the famous one is Nam Ngeaw.

The restaurant has got ‘Michelin Bib Gourmand’ reward. Do not miss the Michelin star’s restaurant with a cheap price!

Photo credit San Pa Koi Kanomjeen hiso lanna

2. Pa Suk Nam Ngeaw restaurant (Aunt Suk Nam Ngeaw restaurant)

One of the famous northern food restaurants in Chiang Rai. Delivering you a traditional taste dish that was like no others. The secret is a spicy curry recipe which made from pork (normally the soup would made with pork bone or pork rips) and do not forget to order Kao Gun Jin to finish the meal ( a pork blood mixing with lemongrass and cooked rice).

The other tradition northern restaurant for you to visit.

Photo credit

3. Wat Ket Kanom Jeen buffet

If you had a thing for a buffet. This traditional northern buffet restaurant would be in your next favorite restaurant list. The restaurant is located in front of the Prince hotel. Not just Kanomjeen but many various kinds of northern foods for you to try such as fried veggies, papaya salad, or many desserts!

You can enjoy this buffet in plenty of time because there is no time limited!

Cheap and no time limited buffet! Do not miss this restaurant!

Photo credit บุฟเฟ่ต์ขนมจีนวัดเกต หน้า รร.ปริ๊นซ์

Secondly, Kao Soi reaturants serving time.

Top 3 Kao Soi restaurants for you.

1. Kao Soi Lamduan Fhaham Chiang Mai

One of the famous northern restaurants in Chiang Mai you have to stop by. This restaurant has been running for 70 years. Anyone who had a visit (local or visitor) would become a regular customer because of the traditional taste which is hard to find. The soft white noodle with tasty moderate spicy sauces with the softened pork and chicken that would melt in your mouth.

Photo credit

2. Kao Soi Pa Phai, Chaing Mai

This Islam restaurant has been running for 40 years. Many years have passed but the taste of traditional Islam’s Kao soi sauces has been the same. The curry soup was made from newly made rich coconut milk so you can get the tasty smell out of it. Not just a curry but the soft hand-made Koa Soi noodle. The white noodle which would melt in your mouth sounds so yummy!

Finish Kao Soi noodle soup as the main course. Do not forget the various snacks afterward. There are many snacks here for you to try out.

Photo credit AEWDEE-REVIEW

3. Phor Jai Kao Soi, Chiang Rai

This traditional restaurant has been open in Chaing rai for 30 years. This restaurant has been located in the town which easies to find. What interest in here is ‘clear coconut milk soup’ which was served separate from the noodle and the meat. If you do not into milky taste Kao Soi soup, try this restaurant!

There are various kinds of meat for you to choose from. From pork, chicken, shrimp to fish to eat with spicy soup.

Do not miss No. 1 Kao Soi restaurant in Chain Mai na jao!!

Photo credit Tourism Authority of Thailand

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