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Hold up and give your body the good moments in five selected spa in Thailand

Did you feel tired of using your body too much? Even in the office work, you would get the backache or even have to deal with ‘tiresome’ people. Plus, stuck the bad traffic every day. Get up and give your body some rest in our selected spa places.

1. Divana Virtue Spa

Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok.

This spa was running under the concept ‘The oriental Organic Spa’ so, if you are one of the ‘organic lovers’ you would love this spa. All the herbal and aroma oil products were made from Thai organic ingredients that could give you the best experience of a healthy mind and body.

Inside this silence and calming spa place. You can choose the provided programs such as body massage, Face massage, or the anti-oxidation program to release all the toxic and stress out of your body and give your body a better circulation system. Kinda interesting? Try them out!

2. Phu Klon Country Club

Amphoe Mueng, Maehongsorn.

Give your body a good treat with one of three natural mud ponds in the world except for the Dead Sea at Israel – Jordan and Romania Volcano mud. This club provides health service in the tourist attraction place. You can choose one or two from the treatment programs such as Onsen in the natural mineral water, mask your face and body with the non-chemical scent natural mud or choose the body massage programs.

After the treatment, you may want some of the products to treat yourself at home. There are organic products that were used for the treatment for sale. You may take a tour around the place to see the natural mud pond.

3. Ryn spa

Pa Tong, Phuket.

The spa that was running by the original spa concept of using ‘the water for healing’ combine with the science of east medical by healing the five senses of your body.

The highlight that made this spa difference is ‘the massage technique’ that was selected by a doctor for each person. Because your body has a different concern so, you may have to get the special treatment that could deal with your concern directly.

4. Fah Lanna Spa

Old city Branch (Viengkaew, Chiangmau)
Nimmann Branch (Nimmann rd., Chiangmai)

The spa decorated in Lanna style combines with the trendy style to makes you feel comfortable since you step in. This spa provides many treatment programs for you, from the original Thai massage, Aroma Therapy Massage, Lanna Style Massage, Herbal Massage, and the one and only ‘Finger Massage’ which is the massage by using Thai dance choreography for healing your body.

5. Wat Pho Thai Massage

Phra Nakorn, Bangkok.

The most famous traditional Thai Massage which was inherited from the reign of Rama 1 since the year of 1782. The art of the healing technique was taught by the eighty statues and had written down as the book for teaching the original Thai massage techniques. Until recently, this place was open for teaching and healing Thai and foreign students.

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